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Exploring the Different Ways to Take Organic CBD Oil

Taking organic cannabidiol (CBD) oil is as easy as dropping the required amount of oil under the tongue. While the process looks simple, many users find the bitter and sharp taste of the oil to be overpowering.

The good news is there are alternatives in taking CBD oil. If you find the earthy taste of the oil hard to overcome and want to explore other avenues to take the supplement, check out these options.


You have the choice of ingesting organic CBD oil in a tasteless, easy-to-swallow soft gel capsule. It’s an excellent option for users who don’t want to taste the uninviting flavours of CBD organic oil.

CBD Oil Mixed in Drinks

Mixing CBD oil with drinks, such as smoothies and protein shakes, is another alternative for people who don’t waste the regular taste of the oil but struggle to swallow capsules and pills. It’s also great for people who are always on the go. Just add a small amount of the organic oil into a blender when preparing a protein shake, smoothie or other blended beverage. Given that average CBD doses consist only of a few drops, you can rest easy knowing that the oil will not change the overall taste of your blended drink.

CBD Oil Mixed in Food

Another great way to mask the taste of CBD oil is to mix it with food. CBD oil is highly versatile, which means you can add it to your favourite dishes. If you’re going to cook food with CBD oil as one of your ingredients, take note of the following:

  • Don’t place the oil over direct heat. Heating the oil too high causes it to lose terpenes, compounds that work in conjunction with CBD to boost its overall effects. It also brings out more of the oil’s bitterness.
  • When you’re starting out, less is more. Putting in too much CBD in a recipe usually results in wasted oil and terrible flavours.
  • Stir as much as possible. It allows you to distribute the CBD evenly throughout the dish.

Topicals like Balms and Creams

On top of taking CBD oil orally, you can apply this supplement on your skin. CBD-infused creams, salves and balms are popular methods for the non-oral application of CBD. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can relieve aching muscles and joints.

If you’re going to apply CBD oil on your skin, mix it with your regular body lotion. Simply add the required dose of CBD to your lotion of choice, mix it, and apply it on a tiny area of your skin as a test. Your skin should quickly absorb the lotion and infuse well with the organic oil. If this isn’t the case, mix the oil with a lotion that has lower fat content.

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